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I have always been drawn to doors and have photographed many doors over the years. I love doors that show age, bold colors, textures or hardware.

It might be the possibilities, the unknown of what lies behind them. Perhaps the message the door conveys to those who approach. It’s the first message to a person coming to your home before a word has been spoken.

Color is one of the loudest communicators on a door. A bright primary color can convey joy, welcome and openness. A dark subdued color can convey formality and privacy. The Finnish being glossy or matte can also further the unspoken message.

It is this concept that I cary into my consideration of painting on my canvas. A feeling and message is so much more than the subject. The difference a dark stormy ocean landscape and a bright sunny seaside convey are obvious but it is in the subtle differences which can often be overlooked but equally as profound in influence.

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